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Three big benefits of hardwood flooring

It’s not just visually appealing, but hardwood flooring lasts for decades and even increases your property values.

Yancey's House of Carpets is a family-owned company that’s been in business since 1980. Don’t let the name fool you, because we have a full inventory, including everything from tile to laminate. We also provide services such as installation and carpet repair.

As a hardwood retailer, we have to say we love this flooring! It’s timeless, fits into any decor, never goes out of style, and we’ve even heard of cases where it lasted for 100 years.

Our showroom is in Cedar Grove, IN and we service Saint John, Cedar Lake, Lowell, Crown Point, Schererville and surrounds. Be sure to visit our showroom and ask about our in-home estimates.

A slew of benefits

These are just a few:

  • It adds value to a home. Here’s how. First, you’ll recoup at least 70 percent of the initial cost of the product, as seen in your property assessment. For example, a home that was previously valued at $200K could become valued at $216K.

    Second, if you’re planning to sell, know that buyers will often pay up to 2.5% more for a home with wood floors.

  • Durability. All hardwood is tough, but some woods are harder than others. Tell your retailer if you need hardwood with extra durability.

  • Easy maintenance. Just vacuum regularly, no beater bars, please. Wipe spills immediately; if polishing, dry thoroughly when done so no liquid gets between planks. You might want to employ some everyday protection, such as using mats or pads to avoid scratching when moving furniture.
Gorgeous hardwood flooring in Saint John, IN from Yancey's House of Carpets

Two kinds

Solid hardwood is one big slab throughout each plank. Engineered flooring has a slice of wood on top, with layers of wood and other materials underneath. Each is placed in a crosswise position to give it more stability.

Only the construction is different.

Engineered hardwood is taking a major share of the wood flooring industry because it appeals to people who want the aesthetics, but also have a practical bent.

Since it's more stable, it doesn't expand and shrink to adjust to weather as solid does. No acclimation process is needed. If you do need acclimation, know that it's an easy process; your hardwood retailer can explain further.

There’s also more versatility, such as you can install it in basements and half (not full) bathrooms