Your flooring installation process is directly related to the floor covering you choose, with some requiring more time and some less. We know that you must know how long your installation will take, so that we will go over some basics in today's post.

Depending on your flooring type

If you choose floors like solid hardwood, porcelain, or carpet, your installation will necessarily take longer than some other materials. That’s because these materials require special tools and attention to detail to ensure the very best results.

Taking a little more time means there will be great attention to detail, regardless of your project's size. We work hard, so you never have to worry about malfunctioning floors, even years after installation.

For a quick and easy installation, be sure to consider options like laminate or luxury vinyl flooring. These floors aren't any less valuable, but their construction makes the process simpler for faster overall installation service.

Laminate, for instance, offers the click and lock option, which creates a floating floor experience in a variety of spaces. These materials click together and lock into place for a sturdy and functional surface you’ll enjoy for 20 years or more, with comparable warranties.

Let us help with your flooring installation

If you’re looking for a trustworthy flooring store in Cedar Lake, IN, Yancey’s House of Carpets is a great place to start. We offer a great selection of floors and related services, with associates who are friendly, experienced, and ready to work towards the perfect flooring goal.

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