There's a lot of fuss about placing padding beneath carpeting because you lose it if you don't. But, unfortunately, you lose your new carpeting because it will need to be replaced again in a short amount of time if there is no padding to ease the stress from footsteps.

Yancey's House of Carpets in Cedar Lake, IN, offers top-quality padding and stylish and durable carpet flooring.

Benefits of padding

Padding does more than absorb the impact from foot traffic and heavy items like furniture and electronics. It also keeps the underside of the carpet from wearing against the hard surface floor or subfloor.

In addition, padding for carpeting muffles noise in a room, acts as an effective heat insulator, offers warmth underfoot, and cushions footsteps to create a softer walk or feel to the carpet.

Padding thickness and density

The type of padding needed and its thickness and density are noted in the manufacturer's product specifications. Please follow these instructions to maintain the warranty.

It is always good to purchase the best padding available on the marketplace since cheap brands become compressed or break apart in no time, and the carpet floor covering becomes worn.

Types of padding

There are three main types of padding: memory foam, rubber, and rebond, composed of small foam scraps. Rubber pads, also called waffle pads because one side looks like a waffle, are best for many applications.

Memory foam is also a good quality material that springs back after compression, while rebond is usually paired with low-quality carpet flooring.

Your one-stop-shop for carpet flooring

Family-owned Yancey's House of Carpets has been installing carpet and the padding that supports it since our doors opened in 1980.

Our carpet store brings flooring services, including free measures and in-home consultations, to an area in Indiana that includes Schererville, Saint John, Lowell, and Crown Point. So start your carpet upgrade today with a visit to our showroom in Cedar Lake.