Nylon vs. polyester- what's the difference

So your next flooring has been decided, and it's carpet. Congratulations! You've made a great decision! In your research, you discovered two primary fibers, nylon, and polyester. So what’s the difference between the two?

High quality

Nylon carpets are best suited for high-traffic areas. It resists crushing and matting and springs back into shape after heavy furniture has been moved off of it. Because it is used for high traffic areas, it is usually used in dining rooms and living rooms. Polyester is another high-quality fiber that is used in rooms lit by the sun and also in bedrooms.

Resistance to stains

Nylon is a fiber that is treated in the factory with a chemical that gives it stain resistance. So, for example, a glass of wine will soak into untreated nylon fibers but not into polyester fibers. That is because polyester is a hydrophobic fiber that is naturally resistant to stains.

Resistance to crushing

Nylon is the more resilient of the two fibers. When the nylon carpet is walked on, it doesn't matte down but springs back into form. This is what happens when heavy electronics and furniture are moved from a nylon carpet. Polyester is a softer fiber, less resilient. Polyester is better suited for rooms where there is less traffic, like bedrooms.

Resistance to fading

Polyester has a high resistance to fading and a high luster to it. In addition, it is available in more variety of colors than nylon. Nylon is found in more matte colors, like tan, grey, and brown, whereas polyester is vibrant and bright. Nylon is also resistant to fading. Yet manufacturers warn against putting any carpet in direct sunlight, so you may want to use an area rug to protect your carpet.

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